DEUBLIN new site makes good progress

Roofing Party celebrated on April 29, 2015

Planungsbild des NeubausDEUBLIN Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of rotating unions, will relocate the German subsidiary from Hofheim a.Ts. to the business park in Mainz-Hechtsheim. Deublin Company, founded in the United States in 1945 expanded to Germany in 1969 to better service the European markets. Over the past 44 years the business has grown adding a network of distributors and six wholly owned DEUBLIN subsidiaries now covering all of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

According to Don Deubler, owner of DEUBLIN Company, our German location is critical to properly serve and support our European market. Even though our current location and facility has served usDEUBLIN Geschäftsleitung und Offizielle der Stadt Mainz well, this step will position us to serve our customers for the next 30 years from a state of the art facility. An additional requirement of Mr. Deubler was that we find a location that not only offered the land area and infrastructure to support our needs but that the location would have the least amount of travel disruption on our workforce. The Mainz-Hechtsheim area meets all of these requirements very well.

The design of the new facility offers an environment which is not only flexible to our manufacturing needs but accommodating and comfortable for our people as well. We are very proud not only of the products that we deliver to our customers but of how our people accomplish Traditioneller Nagelschlag durch Donald L. Deubler und Ronald P. Kelnerthis through their skills and methods, said Rick Shipway Vice President of Manufacturing. Now we have a great opportunity to construct this new facility in an ideal location and contribute to our new community as good citizens.

We now have the unique chance to build the new production site in an ideal surrounding and it is our strong desire to prove also in our new location as good neighbors and as citizens, who will contribute to common welfare.

We are celebrating our Roofing Party on April 2015 and we plan to start to move first departments by end of 2015, so that during the first half of 2016 our complete production will run smoothly in the new site.Urkundenübergabe