HOERBIGER strengthens its market position in Slip Rings

Waukegan, IL/Littleton, MA, USA, 14 March 2024 – HOERBIGER, a global technology company with 6,000 employees in 43 countries announces the acquisition of Diamond-Roltran, LLC. Diamond-Roltran is the world’s leading manufacturer of maintenance-free slip rings, known as Roll-Rings®. HOERBIGER, in connection with its subsidiary Deublin Company, expands its world-leading position in rotary unions and slip rings. The acquisition is expected to be completed on March 31, 2024.

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HOERBIGER strengthens its market position in South America

Waukegan, IL, USA/São Paulo, Brazil, 2nd January 2024 – HOERBIGER, a global technology company with 6,000 employees in 43 countries, announces the acquisition of Minor Industria Mecanica de Precisão Ltda, the owner of the Minor Jupiter brand. The company will become part of HOERBIGER's Rotary Solutions Business Unit, which with this acquisition will both strengthen its position in South America and increase local manufacturing for customers in Brazil and surrounding countries.

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Gardner Systems Corp joins Deublin Company, LLC

The Paper segment has been identified as a major development growth opportunity for Deublin. In 2022, the paper market for Deublin grew substantially, and we are poised to see a significant growth rate again in 2023. However, to sustain this level of growth, we have identified that the development of service and engineering capabilities is needed. Currently, Deublin is only seen as a component but not a complete solution provider. Moreover, customers are demanding more technical expertise from suppliers as knowledgeable Steam and Condensate know-how is not readily available in the market. Furthermore, know-how is slowly becoming scarcer. In addition, the dryer section’s performance has a major impact on production rates, energy efficiency, and sheet quality.

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Realization of high sensor density in machines and plants

The increasing automation or monitoring of machines and systems means that far more sensors are being integrated into the machines today.

Despite general miniaturization, a certain space is still needed for the sensors, as well as for the number of wires and cables for connecting them.

An additional degree of complexity arises when data and power supply for sensors have to be routed via a rotating component, since all channels for power supply and data have to be passed on.



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Increase automation level in machine tools by Autosense, SpindleShield and Slip Rings

Various discussions are currently addressing how to further increase the automation level in machine tools or machining centers and how to integrate the ability for adaptive production.


  • Three core aspects we would like to mark here:
  • Use of AutoSense-technology in Rotating Unions
  • SpindelShield for protection and predictive maintenance
  • Application of Slip Rings

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HOERBIGER's Strategic Acquisition

Zug, Switzerland – Effective November 1, 2019, the HOERBIGER Group has acquired Deublin, a U.S.-based manufacturer of rotating unions. Deublin is a global leader in the area of rotating unions and has a worldwide footprint of manufacturing facilities and service locations. The family-owned business is headquartered in Waukegan, Illinois.

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Deublin Writes Its Next Chapter

Deublin Writes Its Next Chapter

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Electrical slip rings for packaging machines made by DEUBLIN

Electric slip rings enable the transmission of power and data currents from a stationary component to a rotating one, therefore they are often also called „electric rotary joints.

Very often slip rings are used in rotary machines. These are used by fillers cappers and weighers of food, beverage, household products or pharmacuticals, but also for packaging building materials such as cement or similar. Many other machines, such as labelling systems, are also suitable for these applications.

Slip rings are increasingly important as rotary packaging machines and lines become more and more complex with regard to automation, process visualization, analogue or digital sensor data, status conditions and power currents as well as system networking.

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Rotating union for compressed air and more – DEUBLIN 1005 series

The rotating union from this series has been an integral component of the DEUBLIN programme for decades, and like all other rotating unions, it has been continuously developed.

This rotating union is used in the field of dynamic tire pressure control during operation for commercial vehicles.

Mobile agricultural machines, such as tractors or combine harvesters, as well as construction vehicles, drive across a range of solid surfaces compacted to varying degrees and surfaces of varying levels of sensitivity. Examples include pastures, arable land, forest floor, sand, clay soil, gravel and asphalt.

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Updated main catalogue for Rotating Unions is by now available physically and electronically

It shows more than 1500 standards, most of them available in Kanban (3 days delivery time), plus surveys of customized solutions. We will be pleased to receive your request.

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DEUBLIN new site makes good progress

DEUBLIN Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of rotating unions, will relocate the German subsidiary from Hofheim a.Ts. to the business park in Mainz-Hechtsheim. DEUBLIN Company, founded in the United States in 1945 expanded to Germany in 1969 to better service the European markets. Over the past 44 years the business has grown adding a network of distributors and six wholly owned Deublin subsidiaries now covering all of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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SpindleShield™ – Avoiding spindle damage and downtimes

Thanks to the patented SpindleShield™ technology in combination with Pop-Off™ and AutoSense™ rotat-ing unions, this system is able to avoid damage to the spindle and downtimes of the machining centre and to simultaneously increase the productivity. If Coolant leaks occur which are not due to normal op-eration, the system will alert the machine operator.
The SpindleShield™ technology can be retrofitted to all processing centres.

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New special catalogue available for the steel industry

In the actual issue ST143 of this branch catalogue the user will find suitable rotating unions for continuous casting plants, cool winders, for ladle turrets, and additionally self-aligning swivel joints.

The catalogue is available for download in English and German, the Spanish language version will follow shortly.

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Tutorial video available

For our virtual 3D-Inhouse-Fair a tutorial video is additionally available via our YouTube channel. It shows descriptively which functionality the FreeMove3D-Application offers to the user.

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New: virtual 3D-inhouse-fair completely relaunched

The virtual 3D-inhouse-fair welcomes you now with 3 booths. The booths offer information and products for the paper or plastic production as well as for the machine tool industry in one common exhibition hall.

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New: deublin.info in its new design!

After the website of our mother company in the U.S. got its new and fresh design, our .info-site now shows the same look.

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Deublin plans relocation and expansion to the Rhine-Main area

DEUBLIN Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of rotating unions, has finalized its plans to relocate from Hofheim-Wallau to Mainz-Hechtsheim. DEUBLIN Company, founded in the United States in 1945 expanded to Germany in 1969 to better service the European markets. Over the past 44 years the business has grown adding a network of distributors and six wholly owned Deublin subsidiaries now covering all of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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May 2013: Start of new download-portal for technical product documentation

As of now a new tool can be found integrated in our info-website to download installation- and operation manuals.

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DEUBLIN Company Acquires Barco Seals

Waukegan, IL—December 3, 2012—Effective December 1, 2012, DEUBLIN Company has acquired Barco of Cary, IL. Both companies manufacture rotary unions used in a variety of equipment and process industries.

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DPS - DEUBLIN Performance System

The DEUBLIN Performance System – or DPS – is based on the experiences of the Toyota Production System. Adjusted to DEUBLIN requirements, the aim is to implement an integrated approach towards providing the company with the capabilities to deal with the challenges of the future.

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