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Keeping the world rotating

Rotating unions must accommodate a broad range of materials, viscosities, temperatures, pressures and speeds.

Coolant unions for machine tools

Coolant Unions must deliver high pressure coolant for Through Spindle Coolant applications. Some require transmission of air and MQL.

Steam joints and siphons for paper

Steam Joints and Stationary Siphons have been pioneered by DEUBLIN for high-speed machines.
Paper Machine applications also include steam joints for Yankee dryers, water unions for calender stacks and various other applications.

Electrical slip rings for power and/or signal

Electrical Slip Rings utilize next-generation technology for optimal, long-term operation and unrestrained transmission of power.
DEUBLIN provides an integrated hydraulic union and slip ring assembly with up to 60 channels.

Multipassage Rotating Unions

By using special plastomeric seals DEUBLIN Multi-Passage Soft Seal Rotating Unions can be used in the widest variety of applications and media.

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Increase automation level in machine tools by Autosense, SpindleShield and Slip Rings

Various discussions are currently addressing how to further increase the automation level in machine tools or machining centers and how to integrate the ability for adaptive production.


  • Three core aspects we would like to mark here:
  • Use of AutoSense-technology in Rotating Unions
  • SpindelShield for protection and predictive maintenance
  • Application of Slip Rings

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