MPSS - rotating unions:

The solution for demanding tasks at low rotational speed.

In many industrial processes, different media need to be fed through the supply line into rotating machine components, such as cylinders, rollers and coupling units, and back out again.

The number of revolutions and the linear velocity are not demanding enough to justify the use of a “balanced mechanical seal” rotating union design, however they are too demanding for an “O-ring” to be a sufficient form of sealing technology.

The latter would perish within a very short time due to the pressure and temperature, resulting in leakages.

The solution is as follows: Multi-passage soft-seal (MPSS) rotating unions by DEUBLIN.

Elastomer-sealed multi-passage rotating unions by DEUBLIN are optimally designed for the operating parameters of the respective application, such as rotational speed, torque, medium pressure, operating temperature, size and other influential factors. Hardened surfaces are generally used in order to guarantee minimal wear and tear and a long life span.

Rotating union with plastomeric sealsPlastomer seals - a combination of plastic and elastomers - ensure even higher resistance at high temperatures and pressures than conventional elastomers. The geometry of the seal and the interaction of the seal and rotating body seal surface can be modified according to its use in terms of the medium, rotational speed and pressure.

DEUBLIN‘s exclusive chemical and geometric sealing combination offers maximum performance and life span while simultaneously reducing abrasion and torque.

Typical areas of application for multi-passage rotating unions

  • Steel industry: Turret heads for pouring ladles in continuous casting processes
  • Plastic and rubber industry:
    Injection moulding and rotary table applications, tyre manufacturing, bottle manufacturing
  • Machining operations:
    Workpiece mounting and clamping functions, multiple-axle machining centre
  • Air and space travel industry and flight simulation
  • Industrial cranes
  • Rail transport
  • De-scaling
    and much more…

DEUBLIN uses information from operators and constructors to develop the most efficient solution from series models, modified series models or client-specific products, whereby the number of channels can currently reach 36, even in combination with a central channel for controlling sensor technology and the power supply or with slip ring transmitters.

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