coolant application


Date: 20.01.2020 (fully booked) or 27.01.2020 (still available)

Time: 14:00 - 15:30 CET

Duration: 90 min.


Improving the life time of your rotating unions saves you cost and increases your returns. When aiming at longer life times, one needs to assess and evaluate the complete coolant system.

This system approach goes beyond the rotating union and includes many other aspects from machining process, machine/spindle design, to coolant quality and filtration systems.

Join our 90-minutes seminar and receive insights, experience, and recommendations on the rotating union, the filtration system, and the whole coolant system from two industry experts.

Main Topics

  1. Key factors that determine the lifetime of rotating unions
  2. Wear parts of rotating unions
  3. Function of a mechanical seal
  4. Field data analysis with failure modes
  5. Filtration recommendations for rotating unions
  6. Coolant filtration
  7. Reasons for coolant filtration
  8. Filtration requirements
  9. Selection of the correct filtration system


Jürgen Maier, Product Manager Tool Machines & Automotive, Deublin GmbH

Expert in Rotating Unions

Jürgen Maier is product manager at Deublin GmbH. Jürgen has more than 25 years of experience with rotating union applications. In 2010, Jürgen became product manager for the machine tool and automotive industry. Since then, Jürgen provides his valuable expertise and consulting service to European machine tool OEMs as well as tool machine users. He looks forward to sharing his insights with all seminar participants.

Karsten Werneke, Business Development Manager, technotrans SE

Expert in Filtration Technology

Karsten Werneke is Business Development Manager at technotrans SE. Karsten has more than 16 years of experience in filtrations systems for lubricant cooling. In 2012, Karsten became Business Development Manager at technotrans SE and is responsible for the filtration systems, so called toolsmart.line. He looks forward to sharing his insights with all seminar participants.